Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels

Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels appliedto example products.

We are your provider for multi-layer wet adhesive labels.

Multi-layer self-adhesive labels, so-called multilayer labels, are often used when the space available for labelling on the product is insufficient. However, many do not have a dispenser for self-adhesive labels and are therefore still dependent on wet-adhesive labels.

For this reason, we have used our experience in the field of self-adhesive labels and developed fully functional, multi-layer wet-adhesive labels together with partner companies. The labels can be processed like normal wet-adhesive labels with glue or alternatively with hot glue from the stack.

The multi-layer wet-adhesive label can be seen most frequently on animal feed products. This industry discovered the advantage of can labelling early on and already frequently uses multi-layer labels for 200g, 400g and 800g cans. Other companies use the labels for instance for labelling spray cans. The area of ​​application of the labels is large and can be used in any branch where standard wet-adhesive labels are already in use.

Handling is very easy for the user. A grip tab allows the wet-adhesive label to be opened and closed easily. Even after opening and closing several times, the functionality is retained and your product still looks good.

A multi-layer wet-adhesive label also offers many advantages for your logistics. You can put several languages ​​on one label and thus only carry out one filling for larger country groups. Depending on demand, you can then send your product directly from the warehouse to the respective country. Before the multilingual solution, it was often necessary to carry out an extra filling process with corresponding quantities for each country.

Call us and let us advise you.

  • Multi-layer wet-adhesive labels
  • Multiple languages ​​in one label
  • More product information
  • Process faster than with self-adhesive labels
  • More economical than known wet-adhesive solutions
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Booklet Labels

We are your partner for booklet labels!

Booklet labels are used in cases where simple multi-layer labels do not provide sufficient space. The booklet is a small brochure that is incorporated into a label. It is glued between a carrier label and a closure label. The upper layer can still be used as a decorative label. As soon as the upper layer is opened, the customer can open the underlying, integrated booklet and unfold it. The booklet is a great space saver and can display a lot of text in a small area by using a higher number of pages. We can accommodate up to 22 pages here.

There are many different possible design choices for booklet labels: from a simple letter-fold booklet to a so-called zigzag-fold booklet or a glue-folded booklet. There are hardly any limits here. An opening aid is optional and we recommend it. For this purpose we neutralize a small tab on the top layer. This makes the booklet much easier to open and more user-friendly.

In addition, we can also provide the booklets with braille for the visually impaired. This special design is used particularly frequently in the chemical industry.

Booklet labels are mainly needed to accommodate the ever-increasing mandatory information requirements. Especially when products are sold internationally, all the information can be stored here in multiple languages. Nowadays, small operating instructions are also often applied directly onto the product as booklet labels. Additionally, booklet labels are in demand for promotional labels, especially for competitions with an individual winning code.

We manufacture booklet labels and multi-layer labels. Take a look how these labels are produced by us.
  • Extensive know-how
  • Max. 22 pages booklet
  • Zigzag fold
  • Glue fold
  • Booklet label with braille
  • Printed laminate
  • Individual booklet label construction
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Grass paper labels

Grass paper labels are ecologically unbeatable and also a true enrichment of design options. Grass-based paper fits perfectly in the range of high quality natural and design papers. It feels extremely pleasant and can also emit a slight smell of hay.

The basic material for grass paper is available almost everywhere and grows a lot on areas that are declared as compensation areas and are not farmed. Compared to paper made from wood, the production of grass paper requires only a fraction of the energy, water and chemicals because the hard lignin does not have to be extracted from the raw material.

Grasspaper labels can be produced in all common printing processes such as offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing. The material comes from nature and is therefore subject to natural colour and structural variations. In addition to the visual difference to normal adhesive paper, this results in a natural form of individualization at the same time. As a natural material, however, the grass paper also reacts more easily to the bleaching effect of UV light.

We see it as our task to promote ecological alternatives to the common materials used. That’s why we always have grass paper labels in stock and make it available for your labels at short notice.

Facts about grass paper

  • Grass fiber saves up to 75% CO2 compared to wood pulp
  • Water consumption during production is extremely low
  • Grass fiber is not in competition with animal fodder, as the grass used mostly comes from compensation areas and fallow land and is not well suited as fodder
  • The size of grassy compensation areas in the vicinity of manufacturing companies is often sufficient, whereby long transport routes are avoided.
  • Grass paper is more ecological and safer for the food sector than pure waste paper
  • Grass paper is recyclable and compostable

The grass fibers are processed by the company Creapaper and processed into pellets. The processing is purely mechanical and no chemicals are used. These pellets are then delivered directly to the cooperating paper mills, where they are further processed into grass paper. Once the grass paper is made, it will be supplied to a label manufacturer, who will provide the material with an adhesive and carrier as required.

If we could spark your interest in grass paper labels, feel free to contact us. We will also gladly send you sample materials.

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Thermal Transfer Foil

We offer a variety of different thermal transfer foils, from plain black to multi-coloured and gold foils, for a wide range of applications. The thermal transfer foils will be individually produced for you at a consistent high level of quality according to your requirements and printer specifications.

We permanently keep a range of high-quality standard thermal transfer foils in various widths in stock that are suitable for almost all printing surfaces and available for short-notice delivery dates.

Benefit from attractive end-to-end solutions and have your labels delivered with suitable thermal transfer foil. All labels that are intended for printing will be tested on our in-house thermal transfer printer for quality assurance purposes. That way you can be certain that your labels and thermal transfer foil will optimally complement each other.

Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Foil

Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer foil is considered a universal foil that allows for printing on various different surfaces. It combines decent scratching and moisture resistance.

Wax Thermal Transfer Foil

Wax foil presents the standard choice for simple print products that are not intended for a long service life. It is often used in the field of logistics and barcode labels. Scratching and moisture resistance is limited.

Resin Thermal Transfer Foil

The application range for resin foils are thermal transfer printed labels that potentially have to endure contact with chemicals. This thermal transfer foil enables to print on extremely difficult surfaces that can even contain a certain percentage of silicone. Scratching and moisture resistance are optimal, so the label can withstand extreme conditions.

Thermal Transfer Foil Bestsellers

Thermal Transfer Foil WF 3000

The thermal transfer foil WF 3000 is a simple wax foil with outstanding printing quality on writing materials or slightly machine coated surface.

Thermal Transfer Foil WHF 11000

The thermal transfer foil WHF 11000 is a universally applicable wax/resin foil and functions well with all common machine coated surfaces or on foils.

Thermal Transfer Foil WHF 6000

The thermal transfer foil WHF 6000 is a modified variant of the WHF 11000. The slightly adjusted mixing ratio of wax and resin parts was optimised for PP foils. It is particularly suitable for large print runs, e.g. printed sealing labels.

Thermal Transfer Foil HS 9000

The thermal transfer foil HS 9000 is a pure resin foil for special purposes. We recommend to use this foil for multi-layered labels, since the colour coating adheres to slightly siliconized surfaces.

Delivery Service

If your thermal transfer foil demand is comparatively high, we offer the service to pre-produce your semi-annual or annual demands for future collection.

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No matter how complex your label requirements are – we will help you to find a solution. Based on our extensive experience and in close cooperation with material manufacturers we have been able to successfully implement numerous diverse label application requests.

  • Glue-neutralised areas on various materials an in any desired form, not limited to vertical stripes
  • Opaque material with coloured glue to cover imperfections
  • Special Multilayer labels that stop sticking after being initially pulled off the base label and are therefore easy to store (perfect for vouchers).
  • Safety embossing to prevent improper removal of labels
  • Partially adhesive Flying-Stickers with a non-adhesive part overlapping the product that will not bend due to material strength
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Flying-Sticker are overlapping labels used predominantly for promotional purposes.

The label is produced with a heavy-duty, high quality composite film and can be printed multicoloured on both sides. An additional neutralisation ensures that the overlapping area does not stick. Overlapping labels (Flying-Sticker) will draw greater attention to your product.

Capitalise on this promotional advantage!

We will gladly advise you and create customised solutions for you.

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Sealing labels from the roll

Sealing labels (also called closure labels) from the roll are available in many different versions. Depending on the type of packaging to be sealed, the size, shape and adhesive strength must be individually adapted to the requirements of the sealing label, so that unintentional opening is prevented.

You can get every conceivable construction from us, from simple, transparent sealing labels to multi-coloured sealing labels with neutralized tabs. A perforation in the sealing label for easy tearing is also no problem for us.

Sealing labels from Froben Druck are available in a wide variety of constructions, adhesive strengths and 9 colours.

Simple glue dots are often used to close cardboard boxes and simple packaging made of paper. Sealing labels with neutralized tabs are very often found on bags, e.g. with biscuits, coffee or other foods. Here, the prepared adhesive strip can simply be peeled off and the packaging can be closed again with it after opening. That way, the sealing label can be used multiple times for re-closing. When you make your next purchase, pay attention to how many products have a sealing label attached.

Another application area are the large resealable labels that are applied over the entire opening of the product. Here, an opening is prefabricated in the packaging by a laser. This is then sealed by the resealable label. The first peeling then loosens the prepared opening and you can easily get to the product. It can then be closed again and again using the large sealing label and the contents remains protected.

This type of resealable label is used a lot for wet wipes, cleaning cloths, cookies and crispbread. Especially with dusty products, it is difficult to have a sealing label that can be closed again after opening. For this application we have a special adhesive that solves this difficult requirement.

We will happily design the right solution for you, just get in touch with us.

  • glue dots
  • adhesive strips
  • sealing labels with a pull tab
  • sealing labels with perforation
  • resealable label for prefabricated openings
  • resealable labels for dusty products
  • originality seal
  • and much more
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Multilayer Labels (Peel Off)

We combine the knowledge, technology and experience to produce multi-layered labels (so-called Multilayer or Peel-Off labels). Multilayer labels combine two or more labels on top of each other that can be printed on both sides. An integrated finger lift allows the user to easily open and reseal the label again.

We produce multi-layer labels with 2 to 4 layers, labels with winning codes, various special constructions (for example, Stickers to GO).

This technique is especially interesting when a lot of information needs to be placed on small available areas. Using either paper or foil, we will gladly create customised designs for you according to your requirements.

A practical application for vouchers and price draws is to design the top layer in a way that it does not stick anymore after being pulled off for the first time.

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Bag Fins / Shelf Rail Insert

Bag Fins

We manufacture bag fins on rolls for automatic application. A special production line enables us to supply you with die-cut tags made of cardboard material on rolls, which are attached to bags with clips (clip label). These so-called bag fins are a visually interesting alternative to normal jewellery labels, so that your product stands out from others.

They are unrolled from a roll in the packaging process and attached to the packaging with a clip. The dispensing device has a knife system, which separates the bag fin from the rest of the bag fin roll when you clamp it. Even if you do not yet have a system for bag fins, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also be happy to advise you on finding the right system.

Bag fins can be printed on both sides using offset printing or alternatively using flexographic printing. The same finishes are available as with conventional roll-on labels (e.g. hot foil stamping, gloss and matt varnishes, etc.). Bag fins can often be seen in the confectionery sector, such as pralines. Bakery manufacturers also tend to use them to label their bags.

Shelf Rail Insert

In addition to the bag fin, we also manufacture shelf rail inserts from cardboard. These usually have a repeat of 300mm and are produced endlessly on a roll. They can easily be threaded from the roll into the shelf to create additional advertising space on the shelf. Technically, we can also insert a perforation in the shelf rail insert after each repeat. That way you can adjust the length to the shelf length without cutting.

Feel free to contact us and let us advise you.

  • Customised Bag fins
  • Printable on both sides
  • Flexographic printing
  • Offset printing
  • Various finishes
  • FSC certified cardboard
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Adhesive Sheet Labels

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to transfer the advantages of roll labels to the production of sheet labels. Initially, we can produce your labels on rolls and then cut them to size onto sheets for you. In many cases this particular production method offers cost advantages, making it worthwhile for you to compare it with direct-to-sheet production.

Especially in the DIN A4 range we offer customised label formats beyond standardised sheet label formats available on the market. We deliver sheet labels that are tailor-made to your requirements, either blank or imprinted with your company’s logo and design. Simply provide us with your requirements and entrust the pre-production to us.

In addition to numerous standard materials for sheet labels, we also offer specialised Inkjet- and laser printer-suitable paper. We will gladly provide samples for you to test them at your company.

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