Wash-off labels

Examples of adhesive roll labels

We would like to give you an introduction to the diverse world of wash-off labels. This innovative type of washable label offers a combination of long-lasting identification and effortless removal. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications when it comes to recyclability.

Changing requirements

At the regulatory level, the requirements for packaging are becoming increasingly stringent. In 2022, the EU passed a draft law on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). It is expected to be ratified in 2024. Many label processing companies are already faced with the demands of large retailers to implement the expected requirements for the recyclability of their packaging.

Expected consequences of PPWR ratification include “extended producer responsibility”, requirements for the minimum recyclability of packaging and fees depending on the degree of recyclability.

Accordingly, mixed packaging made of different materials should be avoided as far as possible. Alternatively, it must be possible to separate them again in the recycling process. Labels in particular must therefore be taken into account in the material cycle when recycling, as they usually do not fall below the contamination threshold. However, PET packaging is often used, which does not meet the recyclability requirements with classic label material.

Wash-off labels as a solution

Wash-off labels, also known as washable labels, are special adhesive labels that stick to surfaces using a water-soluble adhesive layer. This adhesive layer ensures that the label stays securely in place until it comes into contact with a solution of water and caustic solutions, typically at +80°C. This means that the label can be properly and efficiently separated from the PET in the future recycling process.

The recycling process of wash-off labels is as follows:

  • The bottles are crushed and cleaned in a hot caustic solution, usually at +80 °C.
  • The washable labels rise to the surface and transport contaminates away.
  • The clean PET flakes of the bottle sink to the bottom.
  • More of the high-purity PET can be recovered to make new bottles.
Wash-off labels: plastic recycling cycle

Wash-off labels are an innovative and sustainable solution for a wide range of applications. Their ability to easily peel off with water and caustic solutions makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional labels. As a result, they find a wide range of possible uses, especially in the food industry, the cosmetics industry, the beverage industry and in logistics. If you are looking for a durable labeling solution that is easy to remove, then wash-off labels are the ideal choice!

Froben Druck tries to find individual label solutions for every customer and can draw on a lot of experience here. Feel free to contact us directly and let us advise you.

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Blank labels

Example of Blank Label Rolls

Blank labels are a practical solution for anyone who wants to label a variety of products. These labels are unprinted and thus offer maximum flexibility in the design of texts, barcodes or graphics. Due to their versatility and easy handling, blank labels are used by companies, offices and private individuals alike.

A large selection of formats, sizes and materials ensures that the right label can be found for every application. Individual requirements such as special adhesive properties or unusual environmental conditions can also be taken into account. For instance, specialized outdoor labels are suitable for outdoor use and heat-resistant labels can be used in particularly demanding conditions.

Blank labels can be printed easily and quickly with a standard printer, which makes individual design possible. Whether the labels are printed with a thermal transfer film or by temperature, we have the right types of material in stock. In addition, the use of blank labels saves money and resources compared to pre-made labels with pre-printed content.

When looking for suitable blank labels, it is worth taking a look at our range. We offer a wide range of different labels suitable for varying applications – from small to very large quantities for industrial applications. We are your partner when it comes to unprinted labels.

Blank label materials

Blank labels are made of machine-coated adhesive paper or vellum as standard. However, it is also possible to use PE film or PP film for blank labels. It can be printed in the indirect printing process using thermal transfer film.

For the direct thermal printing process, the materials are mainly divided into two groups.

Thermo Eco

Thermo Eco is a simple material that reacts at lower temperatures and turns black. Due to the fast reaction, it is particularly suitable for blank labels that need to be printed quickly. The disadvantage is that the service life is limited. The blank label already reacts to ambient temperatures and light touches.

Thermo Top

Blank labels made of Thermo Top material require a higher temperature for a reaction and are therefore much more robust and suitable for longer use.

Thermal PP Film

Labels made of thermal PP film are intended for special applications, e.g. in the refrigeration sector. They can be printed like the paper variants, but have the advantage of even better durability for particularly demanding applications.

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Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels

Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels appliedto example products.

We are your provider for multi-layer wet adhesive labels.

Multi-layer self-adhesive labels, so-called multilayer labels, are often used when the space available for labelling on the product is insufficient. However, many do not have a dispenser for self-adhesive labels and are therefore still dependent on wet-adhesive labels.

For this reason, we have used our experience in the field of self-adhesive labels and developed fully functional, multi-layer wet-adhesive labels together with partner companies. The labels can be processed like normal wet-adhesive labels with glue or alternatively with hot glue from the stack.

The multi-layer wet-adhesive label can be seen most frequently on animal feed products. This industry discovered the advantage of can labelling early on and already frequently uses multi-layer labels for 200g, 400g and 800g cans. Other companies use the labels for instance for labelling spray cans. The area of ​​application of the labels is large and can be used in any branch where standard wet-adhesive labels are already in use.

Handling is very easy for the user. A grip tab allows the wet-adhesive label to be opened and closed easily. Even after opening and closing several times, the functionality is retained and your product still looks good.

A multi-layer wet-adhesive label also offers many advantages for your logistics. You can put several languages ​​on one label and thus only carry out one filling for larger country groups. Depending on demand, you can then send your product directly from the warehouse to the respective country. Before the multilingual solution, it was often necessary to carry out an extra filling process with corresponding quantities for each country.

Call us and let us advise you.

  • Multi-layer wet-adhesive labels
  • Multiple languages ​​in one label
  • More product information
  • Process faster than with self-adhesive labels
  • More economical than known wet-adhesive solutions
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Booklet labels

Booklet labels from Froben Druck. Different variants of booklets.

Booklet labels are a special type of multi-page labels and offer space for extensive information in the smallest space. They are particularly suitable for products where a lot of information has to be stored in a restricted area, such as in the pharmaceutical industry or in the food industry.

The special feature of booklet labels is that they consist of several pages and are structured like a small book. The sides are usually glued together so that they cannot fall out. On the individual pages, various information such as ingredient lists, instructions for use or warnings can be listed.

Booklet labels thus offer a practical way to store a lot of information in a small space and at the same time save space on the packaging. They make it possible to describe products in detail and provide important information without the packaging having to become unnecessarily large.

But booklet labels are not only used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are also used in other industries such as cosmetics or electronics. Here they can serve, for example, as instructions for use or as an overview of various functions and settings.

Variants of booklet labels

There are many possibilities in the design of the booklet label – from the simple spiral fold booklet to the so-called zigzag fold booklet to the adhesive folded booklet. There are hardly any limits here. An opening aid is optionally possible and is recommended by us. For this purpose, we neutralize a small handle tab at the top layer. This makes the booklet much easier to open and more user-friendly.

The upper layer can still be used optically as a decorative label. As soon as the upper layer is opened, the customer can open and unfold the underneath, integrated booklet. The booklet label is a great space saver and can display a lot of text in a small area due to a higher number of pages. We can accommodate up to 22 pages here.

Booklet labels are mainly needed to accommodate the ever-increasing mandatory information requirements. Especially when products are sold internationally, all information can be accommodated here in several languages. Nowadays, small operating instructions are also often glued directly to the product as booklet labels. Additionally, the booklet label is in demand for promotional labels, especially for competitions with an individual winning code.

We manufacture booklet labels and multi-layer labels. Take a look at how these labels are produced by us.
  • Extensive know-how
  • Max. 22 pages booklet
  • Zigzag fold
  • Glue fold
  • Booklet label with braille
  • Printed laminate
  • Individual booklet label construction
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Grass paper labels

Grass paper labels are ecologically unbeatable and also a true enrichment of design options. Grass-based paper fits perfectly in the range of high quality natural and design papers. It feels extremely pleasant and can also emit a slight smell of hay.

The basic material for grass paper is available almost everywhere and grows a lot on areas that are declared as compensation areas and are not farmed. Compared to paper made from wood, the production of grass paper requires only a fraction of the energy, water and chemicals because the hard lignin does not have to be extracted from the raw material.

Grasspaper labels can be produced in all common printing processes such as offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing. The material comes from nature and is therefore subject to natural colour and structural variations. In addition to the visual difference to normal adhesive paper, this results in a natural form of individualization at the same time. As a natural material, however, the grass paper also reacts more easily to the bleaching effect of UV light.

We see it as our task to promote ecological alternatives to the common materials used. That’s why we always have grass paper labels in stock and make it available for your labels at short notice.

Facts about grass paper

  • Grass fiber saves up to 75% CO2 compared to wood pulp
  • Water consumption during production is extremely low
  • Grass fiber is not in competition with animal fodder, as the grass used mostly comes from compensation areas and fallow land and is not well suited as fodder
  • The size of grassy compensation areas in the vicinity of manufacturing companies is often sufficient, whereby long transport routes are avoided.
  • Grass paper is more ecological and safer for the food sector than pure waste paper
  • Grass paper is recyclable and compostable

The grass fibers are processed by the company Creapaper and processed into pellets. The processing is purely mechanical and no chemicals are used. These pellets are then delivered directly to the cooperating paper mills, where they are further processed into grass paper. Once the grass paper is made, it will be supplied to a label manufacturer, who will provide the material with an adhesive and carrier as required.

If we could spark your interest in grass paper labels, feel free to contact us. We will also gladly send you sample materials.

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Thermal transfer foil

Thermal transfer foil from Froben Druck. We have wax, wax/resin and pure resin foil in stock.

Thermal transfer foil is an important raw material in the printing sector. It allows for printing solutions on a wide variety of materials such as paper, plastic and textiles. The foil is transferred to the material to be printed by means of heat. But what are the advantages?

One of the greatest strengths of thermal transfer foil is the high flexibility in the choice of the material to be printed. Whether paper, plastic, textile or metal – almost any material can be printed with the right foil. In addition, it is available in many different colours and designs, which allows for great design freedom.

Thermal transfer foil also plays an important role in the food industry. The foil meets the highest requirements for hygiene and safety and can be used on a wide variety of packaging such as bags, cups or films. The foil must also meet the legal requirements for food labelling.

We offer you a variety of several thermal transfer foils for different applications. Depending on the requirements and printer specification, we produce the foil solutions individually for you in consistently high quality – from simple black to colour foils and gold. We permanently keep a range of high-quality standard thermal transfer foils in various widths in stock that are suitable for almost all printing surfaces and available for short-notice delivery dates.

Benefit from attractive end-to-end solutions and have your labels delivered with suitable thermal transfer foil. All labels that are intended for printing will be tested on our in-house thermal transfer printer for quality assurance purposes. That way you can be certain that your labels and foil will optimally complement each other.

Types of thermal transfer foil

A distinction can be made between three types of material:

Wax foil is the standard foil for simple printed products that are not intended for a long service life. It is often used in the field of logistics labels and barcode labels. Scratch and smudge resistance is only available to a limited extent.

Wax/resin foil is considered a universal foil because it can be easily printed on many different surfaces. It has good scratch resistance and is insensitive to moisture.

Resin foil is suitable for special applications when the label printed in the thermal transfer process has to withstand possible contact with chemicals. This thermal transfer foil can be used to print extremely difficult substrates, which may even contain a certain proportion of silicone. The scratch resistance and water resistance is optimal, so that the label can withstand the most adverse conditions.


The WF 3000 foil is a simple wax foil with outstanding printing quality on writing materials or lightly machine-coated surfaces.

WHF 11000 is a universally applicable wax/resin thermal transfer foil and works on all common machine-coated surfaces as well as on foils.

The WHF 6000 foil is a modified version of the WHF 11000. The slightly modified mixing ratio of the wax and resin components has been optimized for PP foil. It is particularly suitable for long runs, e.g. for closure labels.

For multi-layer labels, we recommend using the HS 9000 foil. This is a pure resin foil for special applications since the colour coating adheres to slightly siliconized surfaces.

Delivery service

If your thermal transfer foil demand is comparatively high, we offer the service to pre-produce your semi-annual or annual demands for future collection.

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Specialty labels

We are your experts for specialty labels from a roll! We offer tailor-made label solutions for customers from various industries. With our many years of experience and technical know-how, we are also able to develop special designs that are tailored specifically to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our special labels are characterized by their versatility and high quality. We understand that every company is unique and has different label requirements. That is why we work closely with our customers to develop tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our experienced team of engineers and professionals is at your disposal to understand your requirements and find innovative solutions. We use state-of-the-art technologies and production processes to produce high-quality specialty labels that meet the highest quality standards.

Design options for specialty labels

Our custom designs include a variety of options, including special shapes, sizes, materials, and printing techniques. Whether you need labels for difficult surfaces, need to withstand extreme temperatures, or want to incorporate special security features, we can help. Our experts develop solutions that meet your needs while ensuring optimal adhesion and durability. In the past, we have implemented the following special labels, among others:

  • Glue-neutralised areas on various materials and in any shape, not just as longitudinal stripes
  • Opaque material with dyed adhesive to cover defects
  • Special multilayer labels that no longer stick after detachment from the basic label and can therefore be stored well (especially suitable for vouchers)
  • Security die-cuts to make it more difficult for labels to be removed improperly
  • Flying stickers that stick with only part of their surface, protrude from a product with the non-adhesive part, but do not bend due to their material thickness.

We see ourselves as a service provider

At Froben Druck, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers first-class service and fast implementation. We understand that time and efficiency are critical to your business. That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that your specialty labels are delivered on time and offer the highest quality.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner for companies in various industries. From the food and beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry, logistics and more, we deliver customized label solutions that meet the highest demands.

Contact us today to learn more about our specialty labels and our ability to develop custom designs. Our dedicated team looks forward to working with you and helping you realise your custom label solutions.

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Flying sticker

Flying Sticker on the product

A flying sticker is a protruding label that is mainly used in advertising. They’re a popular choice for businesses looking for an engaging and professional way to label their products. With their distinctive design and versatility, protruding labels are an effective way to attract attention and improve a brand’s image. In this article you will learn more about the advantages and possible uses of flying stickers.

Flying stickers are labels that deliberately protrude beyond the edges of a product. Unlike traditional labels that are flush with the surface, protruding labels extend beyond the edges, creating a visual effect that grabs attention. These labels are often made from high-quality materials such as foil or special paper to ensure excellent durability and an attractive appearance.

Advantages of protruding labels

  • Outstanding appearance: Due to their protruding design, these labels immediately catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. As a result, they can attract the attention of potential customers and leave a lasting impression.
  • Reinforced branding: Protruding labels are an effective way to strengthen brand image. They allow companies to display their logos, slogans, and other brand elements in an eye-catching way, which promotes recognition and repetition.
  • Additional space for information: Due to the larger area of protruding labels, companies have more space to place important information such as product features, instructions or warnings. This allows for more detailed communication with customers.
  • Exclusive presentation: Protruding labels give products a high-quality and exclusive appearance. This can be especially beneficial in industries such as cosmetics, luxury goods, or gourmet foods, where an engaging presentation is crucial.

Flying sticker applications

Protruding labels are used in various industries. Here are some examples:

  • Packaging industry: Protruding labels can be used to make product packaging more attractive and make information more visible.
  • Beverage industry: Bottle labels with protruding design are a popular choice for manufacturers to showcase their brands and attract customers.
  • Cosmetics industry: In the cosmetics industry, protruding labels can be used to identify the high-quality products more effectively.
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Closure labels from a roll

We offer high-quality closure labels for a wide range of applications. Our closure labels are practical and effective solutions to securely seal products and protect them from tampering or unauthorized access. With our many years of experience in the label industry, we guarantee you high-quality closure labels that meet your requirements.

Our labels are made from durable materials that ensure reliable adhesion. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to meet your unique needs. Whether you need closure labels for food packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or other products, we have the right solution for you.

At the same time, our closure labels are easy to use and provide a secure seal for your products. They can be easily applied to packaging and, depending on the substrate, cannot be removed without damage, which makes tampering attempts immediately recognizable. This allows you to increase the trust of your customers and ensure the integrity of your products.

Closure labels from Froben Druck are available in a wide variety of constructions, adhesive strengths and 9 colours.

Design options for closure labels

We can provide you with every conceivable construction – from simple, transparent to multi-colour printed closure labels with a neutralised grip tab. Even a perforation in the closure label for easy tearing is no problem with us.

Simple glue dots are often used to seal cardboard boxes and simple paper packaging. Closure labels with a neutralized handle tab are often found on bags, e.g. biscuits, coffee or other foods. The prepared adhesive strip can simply be peeled off and the packaging can be closed again after opening. As a result, the closure label can be used more frequently for resealing. As a result, the closure label can be used more frequently for resealing. The next time you go shopping, pay attention to how many products already have a closure label attached.

Another area are large resealable labels, which are applied over the entire opening of the product. In this case, an opening is already prefabricated into the packaging by a laser. The resealable label seals this opening. By pulling it off for the first time, the prepared opening is loosened and you can easily get to the product. It can then be closed again and again by the large closure label and the contents can be protected.

This type of resealable labels are widely used for wet wipes, cleaning cloths, biscuits and crispbread. Especially with dusty products, it is difficult to have a closure label that can be closed again after opening. For this application, we have a special adhesive that solves this difficult requirement.

Learn more from our experts

If you are looking for the highest quality closure labels, you have come to the right place. Contact us today for more information about our products and services. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you and advise you on the selection of the right solutions for your requirements. Trust in our expertise and secure your products with our high-quality closure labels.

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Multilayer Labels

We have both the technology and many years of experience to produce professional multilayer labels (also called peel-off labels). These labels consist of several layers that make it possible to accommodate additional information in a smaller area. This makes them an excellent way to label products in a space-saving and cost-effective manner.

Multilayer labels are two or more labels that can be printed on both sides. A handle tab ensures that the labels can be easily opened and closed again by the user. We can produce multi-layer labels with up to 4 layers. In addition, we also offer customised multi-layer constructions, such as labels with winning codes or stickers to go. Whether paper or foil: we are happy to offer you a construction according to your requirements.

We produce multi-layer labels with 2 to 4 layers, labels with winning codes, various special constructions (for example, Stickers to GO).

Multilayer labels allow you to triple the available space on your label or even increase it fivefold with three-layer labels. We are happy to advise you and create a solution for your multi-layer labels.

Advantages of multilayer labels

There are many advantages to using multilayer labels. They make it possible to accommodate important information such as ingredients, instructions for use, allergen information and expiration dates in a smaller space. In addition, multiple languages can be printed on the label, making it easier to communicate with international customers. Thus, they offer a practical solution for the labeling of products in various industries, such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as in logistics. This is particularly interesting because more and more information has to be accommodated in a small available area. By using multilayer labels, companies can also save costs by taking up less space on the packaging and accommodating more information.

Customised designs

In addition, multilayer labels offer a wide range of design options. By using different colors, fonts and graphics, labels can be uniquely designed. This increases the recognition value of your product and strengthens the brand identity. A practical variant for vouchers or competitions, for example, is to equip the upper layer so that it no longer sticks after removal.

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