Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels

Multi-Layer Wet-Adhesive Labels appliedto example products.

We are your provider for multi-layer wet adhesive labels.

Multi-layer self-adhesive labels, so-called multilayer labels, are often used when the space available for labelling on the product is insufficient. However, many do not have a dispenser for self-adhesive labels and are therefore still dependent on wet-adhesive labels.

For this reason, we have used our experience in the field of self-adhesive labels and developed fully functional, multi-layer wet-adhesive labels together with partner companies. The labels can be processed like normal wet-adhesive labels with glue or alternatively with hot glue from the stack.

The multi-layer wet-adhesive label can be seen most frequently on animal feed products. This industry discovered the advantage of can labelling early on and already frequently uses multi-layer labels for 200g, 400g and 800g cans. Other companies use the labels for instance for labelling spray cans. The area of ​​application of the labels is large and can be used in any branch where standard wet-adhesive labels are already in use.

Handling is very easy for the user. A grip tab allows the wet-adhesive label to be opened and closed easily. Even after opening and closing several times, the functionality is retained and your product still looks good.

A multi-layer wet-adhesive label also offers many advantages for your logistics. You can put several languages ​​on one label and thus only carry out one filling for larger country groups. Depending on demand, you can then send your product directly from the warehouse to the respective country. Before the multilingual solution, it was often necessary to carry out an extra filling process with corresponding quantities for each country.

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  • Multi-layer wet-adhesive labels
  • Multiple languages ​​in one label
  • More product information
  • Process faster than with self-adhesive labels
  • More economical than known wet-adhesive solutions
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