Grass paper labels

Grass paper labels are ecologically unbeatable and also a true enrichment of design options. Grass-based paper fits perfectly in the range of high quality natural and design papers. It feels extremely pleasant and can also emit a slight smell of hay.

The basic material for grass paper is available almost everywhere and grows a lot on areas that are declared as compensation areas and are not farmed. Compared to paper made from wood, the production of grass paper requires only a fraction of the energy, water and chemicals because the hard lignin does not have to be extracted from the raw material.

Grasspaper labels can be produced in all common printing processes such as offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing. The material comes from nature and is therefore subject to natural colour and structural variations. In addition to the visual difference to normal adhesive paper, this results in a natural form of individualization at the same time. As a natural material, however, the grass paper also reacts more easily to the bleaching effect of UV light.

We see it as our task to promote ecological alternatives to the common materials used. That’s why we always have grass paper labels in stock and make it available for your labels at short notice.

Facts about grass paper

  • Grass fiber saves up to 75% CO2 compared to wood pulp
  • Water consumption during production is extremely low
  • Grass fiber is not in competition with animal fodder, as the grass used mostly comes from compensation areas and fallow land and is not well suited as fodder
  • The size of grassy compensation areas in the vicinity of manufacturing companies is often sufficient, whereby long transport routes are avoided.
  • Grass paper is more ecological and safer for the food sector than pure waste paper
  • Grass paper is recyclable and compostable

The grass fibers are processed by the company Creapaper and processed into pellets. The processing is purely mechanical and no chemicals are used. These pellets are then delivered directly to the cooperating paper mills, where they are further processed into grass paper. Once the grass paper is made, it will be supplied to a label manufacturer, who will provide the material with an adhesive and carrier as required.

If we could spark your interest in grass paper labels, feel free to contact us. We will also gladly send you sample materials.

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