Varnished labels

Varnished labels

We are your experts for varnished labels. As an experienced supplier of varnished labels, we offer you a wide range of labels with high-quality varnish finishing. On this page you will learn more about the different types of varnish we offer. You have the choice between gloss, matt, thermal transfer, spot or iriodin varnish.


Matt varnish gives your labels a matte surface that looks particularly elegant and high-quality. The matte effect dampens colours and appears more discreet. Matte varnish can also help make text and images easier to read.

Glossy varnish gives your labels a glossy, high-quality look and can highlight colours, which is especially beneficial for coloured images and graphics. It is also water and dirt resistant, making your labels more durable and resistant.

Thermal transfer varnish (also known as TT varnish) is silicone-free and designed for subsequent printing of the labels. The impression can then be made via a thermal transfer printer or a solvent inkjet printer.

Spot varnish is a special varnish that is only applied to certain areas of a label. The spot varnish effect highlights certain areas of the label and makes them particularly appealing. This is especially advantageous for labels with logos, fonts or graphics.

Textured varnish gives your labels a three-dimensional look and a haptic experience. This is achieved by a targeted increase or deepening of the paint surface. Textured varnish is particularly suitable for labels that need to be highlighted, such as premium products or limited editions. This varnish is applied via screen printing.

Finally, Iriodin varnish is a particularly effective coating agent. It is characterized by its glittering and sparkling effect and provides a unique look. These varnishes are offered from silver white to gold or metallic gloss in various colours and can be printed partially or over the entire surface. The effect varies from semi-gloss to a strong glitter.

Varnished labels from Froben Druck

All our varnishes are UV varnish. UV varnish is cured under UV light and is therefore particularly durable and resistant. It protects the label from moisture and wear and ensures high colour intensity and brilliance. UV varnish is particularly suitable for labels that are exposed to high stress, such as food or cosmetic packaging.

In summary, we offer you a wide range of varnishes for your labels to perfectly showcase your products. Our varnished labels are of high quality and are carefully crafted to achieve an optimal result. Visit our website to learn more about our services and contact us for an individual consultation.

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