Labels with reverse-side printing

Display of labels with reverse-side printing still in the printing press.

Our company offers you a wide range of options for designing your labels. In addition to classic front-side printing, we can also print the adhesive side of your labels with up to two colours in reverse-side printing. In addition, with the help of the so-called counter-printing process, we can even print the label back over the entire surface in Euro scale (4-colour) if required.

Design options for labels with reverse-side printing

Reverse-side printing opens up completely new design possibilities for your labels, especially for transparent packaging. But reverse side printing does not only open up new possibilities from an aesthetic point of view. Functional aspects can also be realized using this printing technique. The additional space is usable for further product information or as advertising space that can be printed with your company logo.

Another possible use case is the application of control marks on the carrier material of the labels, if certain imprinting and dispensing devices require this during the further processing of the labels. This is particularly advantageous for transparent labels or special shapes.

For multilayer labels, reverse-side printing also maximises the information you can fit on your label. By counter-printing, all layers of your label can be printed on both sides in Euro scale. Therewith, all product information can be stored in several languages on a single label.

Our state-of-the-art printing machines enable us to produce labels with reverse-side printing in high quality and precision. Depending on requirements, we rely on various printing processes such as flexographic, digital or offset printing with up to ten colours and various finishes. Our labels are also carefully manufactured to GMP regulations to meet the highest standards in the food industry.

Please contact us for an individual consultation and a non-binding offer. We look forward to helping you design and produce your reverse-side labels. But we are not only your reliable partner when it comes to printing. We are also happy to advise you on the selection of the right material for your labels and support you in the implementation of individual requirements.

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