Screen-printed labels

In screen printing, the ink is pressed through a woven screen with the help of a scraper. Since labels are produced using the rotary printing process, a rotary cylinder mould is often used. Non-printing areas are coated in advance during screen production so that no colour penetrates. The amount of paint can be controlled by different mesh sizes in the screen. Screen printing can be used for surfaces and graphic elements, but can only depict very coarse grids. Due to the high tool costs, this technology is only used in special areas.

Adhesive roll labels with screen printing are accordingly something special. Various finishes can be applied to labels using screen printing. A very high amount of colour application allows to create particularly opaque areas, e.g. for transparent labels, through a high amount of opaque white. All common special colours (Pantone, HKS, RAL and metallic colors) can be used for labels with screen printing. Unfortunately, colour gradients or Euro-scale images cannot be displayed. The amount of ink to be transferred is a multiple of the maximum amount of other printing methods.

The colours applied by screen printing are significantly more UV-resistant and therefore particularly suitable for difficult identification markings outdoors. Labels with warnings about chemicals are also subject to high requirements for chemical resistance. Screen printing in conjunction with a PVC film is also often used for these labels. With the right adhesive, this combination meets all the requirements for identification markings with a label.

Screen printing is most commonly used for labels with Braille or for so-called tactile symbols (signs for the blind). Here, a swelling varnish is applied through a screen in order to achieve the necessary height for blind signs. This requirement for labels with tactile symbols is constantly monitored in our production. We can also provide special designs, such as multi-layer labels, with signs for the blind.

With us you can combine offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing with screen printing. Thanks to this high flexibility, we can produce all labels according to your design and your requirements. Rely on our experience with labels.

If you are interested in screen-printed labels, just contact us. We are happy to help.

  • Individual screen printing
  • Custom colours
  • Braille
  • Warning symbols
  • Resistant to solvents
  • UV-resistant (lightfastness)
  • Express service
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