Multilayer Labels

We have both the technology and many years of experience to produce professional multilayer labels (also called peel-off labels). These labels consist of several layers that make it possible to accommodate additional information in a smaller area. This makes them an excellent way to label products in a space-saving and cost-effective manner.

Multilayer labels are two or more labels that can be printed on both sides. A handle tab ensures that the labels can be easily opened and closed again by the user. We can produce multi-layer labels with up to 4 layers. In addition, we also offer customised multi-layer constructions, such as labels with winning codes or stickers to go. Whether paper or foil: we are happy to offer you a construction according to your requirements.

We produce multi-layer labels with 2 to 4 layers, labels with winning codes, various special constructions (for example, Stickers to GO).

Multilayer labels allow you to triple the available space on your label or even increase it fivefold with three-layer labels. We are happy to advise you and create a solution for your multi-layer labels.

Advantages of multilayer labels

There are many advantages to using multilayer labels. They make it possible to accommodate important information such as ingredients, instructions for use, allergen information and expiration dates in a smaller space. In addition, multiple languages can be printed on the label, making it easier to communicate with international customers. Thus, they offer a practical solution for the labeling of products in various industries, such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as in logistics. This is particularly interesting because more and more information has to be accommodated in a small available area. By using multilayer labels, companies can also save costs by taking up less space on the packaging and accommodating more information.

Customised designs

In addition, multilayer labels offer a wide range of design options. By using different colors, fonts and graphics, labels can be uniquely designed. This increases the recognition value of your product and strengthens the brand identity. A practical variant for vouchers or competitions, for example, is to equip the upper layer so that it no longer sticks after removal.

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