Labels with Backside Numbering

Labels with numbering are no problem for us, whether in the label with a variable LOT or on the back of the label carrier with consecutive numbering. Winning codes for promotions in multilayer labels are also possible without any problems.

In addition to special labels with individual codes, there is an increasing requirement to precisely document label usage. This is made possible by numbering the backside on the label carrier. This is particularly important for pharmaceutical labels in order to be able to completely document the whereabouts of all labels supplied for a drug. With numbered carriers you can see at a glance how many labels are still on the label roll.

In order to guarantee this high security standard for the back numbering on the carrier, we have separated this work step from the actual label production to be on the safe side. As usual, we will produce your labels according to your requirements using the flexographic, offset and digital printing processes. After the quality control and packaging of the rolls according to your specifications, the finished rolls go through a further process for numbering or labelling on the back of the label carrier.

Winning codes or variable imprints on the label are applied during the original printing process. Therefore, it is particularly important to consider a surplus of winning codes in the database supplied, as a few codes can always be lost during the final production of the labels. Complete individual prints with different print images and colours are also continuously possible.

  • Labels with numbering
  • Numbering on the back
  • Winning codes
  • Variable LOT and BBD impressions
  • Variable print images and colors
  • Database impressions
  • Individual protection against forgery (micro-font)
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