Adhesive Roll Labels

We produce high-quality adhesive roll labels in various printing processes and designs. Offset printing, digital printing, screen printing and flexographic printing are available for your roll adhesive labels. This enables us to use the most suitable printing process for your layout and other requirements.

Simply give us your requirements and we will take care of the rest so that you can concentrate fully on your product.

Our self-adhesive roll labels are supplied to almost all industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, beverages, chemicals and many more. Consequently, we have adapted requirements for the respective areas so that you always get perfectly matching labels.

Our machine park is very diverse. This gives us the opportunity to produce both small and very large quantities of labels cost-effectively and efficiently. There are also various special machines for special applications such as booklet labels and multi-layer labels. Each of our printing processes is represented by several machines, so that production is always guaranteed even in the event of machine failures.

Whether you need multi-coloured roll labels with a special finish or just simple blank labels in small or large quantities – we can always offer the right production type. We use a variety of papers, PP foils, PE foils and other special types of materials and would be happy to advise you on the selection of the right printing material. We are also at your side when it comes to choosing the right adhesive and looking for a suitable solution for your application.

A large selection of punching tools, our own repro department and in-house cliché production ensure the greatest possible flexibility with low up-front printing costs.

High quality and fast adhesive roll labels.
Talk to us, we will advise you.

We are your reliable partner when it comes to self-adhesive roll labels.

  • offset printing
  • digital printing
  • flexographic printing
  • screen printing
  • various finishes
  • 24 hour express service
special requests, smallbatch series or just want an offer?
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