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Ingwert Froben

  • Director
  • Calculation and Order Processing
Ingwert Froben - Froben Druck

Timo Wolfsdorf

  • Director and Quality Management
  • Calculation and Order Processing
Timo Wolfsdorf - Froben Druck

Philipp Wolfsdorf

  • Business Development & Controlling
  • IT
Philipp Wolfsdorf - Froben Druck

Frank Hütter

  • Calculation and Order Processing
Frank Hütter - Froben Druck

Jan Sturm

  • Calculation and Order Processing
Jan Sturm - Froben Druck

Lea Zander

  • Accounting
Lea Zander

Susanne Ganze

  • Accounting
Susanne Ganze

Martina Nanninga

  • Production Planning and Archiving
  • Order Processing
Frau Nanninga

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