Adhesive sheet labels

Printing machine for adhesive sheet labels.

Adhesive sheet labels are a common type of labels that are arranged on a sheet and usually have an adhesive on the back. They are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications in various industries.

The major advantage of adhesive sheet labels is their flexibility in terms of the shape and size of the labels. Since they are arranged on a sheet, they can be easily inserted into conventional printers and printed. Additionally, they can be manufactured in almost any desired shape and size to meet the specific requirements of each product.

Adhesive sheet labels are widely used in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries to label and identify products. Moreover, they are also used in the logistics and warehousing industry to inventory goods.

Another advantage of sheet labels is their ease of use. Due to the sheet on which they are arranged, they can easily be produced and stored in larger quantities, saving time and money. In addition, they can be quickly and easily applied to the desired product.

Adhesive sheet label solutions at Froben Druck

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to transfer the advantages of roll labels to the production of sheet labels. Initially, we can produce your labels on rolls and then cut them to size onto sheets for you. In many cases this particular production method offers cost advantages, making it worthwhile for you to compare it with direct-to-sheet production.

Especially in the DIN A4 range we offer customised label formats beyond standardised sheet label formats available on the market. We deliver adhesive sheet labels that are tailor-made to your requirements, either as blank labels or imprinted with your company’s logo and design. Simply provide us with your requirements and entrust the pre-production to us.

In addition to numerous standard materials for sheet labels, we also offer specialised Inkjet- and laser printer-suitable paper. We will gladly provide samples for you to test them at your company.

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