Logistics labels

In the area of warehousing and goods transport, the logistics industry relies on maximum reliability and traceability throughout the entire process chain. Logistics labels are an important cornerstone for meeting this requirement. They make it possible to identify, label and sort goods quickly and efficiently. The labels should be specifically tailored to the external conditions to be expected in the goods chain.

Types of logistics labels

Logistics labels can contain various information such as item name, barcode, weight, or expiration date. The information stored in a label depends on the type of logistics label chosen. Barcode labels, RFID labels or QR code labels are just a few examples. Barcode labels are the most widely used and are used to identify products and track orders. RFID labels offer the possibility to track goods in real time and thus get a quick overview of the location and inventory. QR code labels provide to access to more information or instructions by simply scanning the code with your smartphone. The type of label to be used depends on both the scope of application and your requirements.

As arule, standard blank labels with acrylic adhesive or alternatively with hotmelt adhesives are used as a basis in production. When choosing the right adhesive, we are at your side and advise you. Especially for parcels or large quantities it can also be useful to relly on special thermal labels.


The key to the ideal label for your application is the matching of your requirements with the materials and logistics label types in question. We are at your side as a competent partner in the development of a technically and economically suitable solution for you, regardless of whether you need unprinted labels for your marking on site or pre-printed labels. At Froben Druck, we produce your logistics labels according to your requirement profile.

If you would like to know more about our label solutions for the logistics industry, feel free to contact us directly.

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