Booklet Labels

We are your partner for booklet labels!

Booklet labels are used in cases where simple multi-layer labels do not provide sufficient space. The booklet is a small brochure that is incorporated into a label. It is glued between a carrier label and a closure label. The upper layer can still be used as a decorative label. As soon as the upper layer is opened, the customer can open the underlying, integrated booklet and unfold it. The booklet is a great space saver and can display a lot of text in a small area by using a higher number of pages. We can accommodate up to 22 pages here.

There are many different possible design choices for booklet labels: from a simple letter-fold booklet to a so-called zigzag-fold booklet or a glue-folded booklet. There are hardly any limits here. An opening aid is optional and we recommend it. For this purpose we neutralize a small tab on the top layer. This makes the booklet much easier to open and more user-friendly.

In addition, we can also provide the booklets with braille for the visually impaired. This special design is used particularly frequently in the chemical industry.

Booklet labels are mainly needed to accommodate the ever-increasing mandatory information requirements. Especially when products are sold internationally, all the information can be stored here in multiple languages. Nowadays, small operating instructions are also often applied directly onto the product as booklet labels. Additionally, booklet labels are in demand for promotional labels, especially for competitions with an individual winning code.

We manufacture booklet labels and multi-layer labels. Take a look how these labels are produced by us.
  • Extensive know-how
  • Max. 22 pages booklet
  • Zigzag fold
  • Glue fold
  • Booklet label with braille
  • Printed laminate
  • Individual booklet label construction
special requests, smallbatch series or just want an offer?
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