Booklet labels

Booklet labels from Froben Druck. Different variants of booklets.

Booklet labels are a special type of multi-page labels and offer space for extensive information in the smallest space. They are particularly suitable for products where a lot of information has to be stored in a restricted area, such as in the pharmaceutical industry or in the food industry.

The special feature of booklet labels is that they consist of several pages and are structured like a small book. The sides are usually glued together so that they cannot fall out. On the individual pages, various information such as ingredient lists, instructions for use or warnings can be listed.

Booklet labels thus offer a practical way to store a lot of information in a small space and at the same time save space on the packaging. They make it possible to describe products in detail and provide important information without the packaging having to become unnecessarily large.

But booklet labels are not only used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are also used in other industries such as cosmetics or electronics. Here they can serve, for example, as instructions for use or as an overview of various functions and settings.

Variants of booklet labels

There are many possibilities in the design of the booklet label – from the simple spiral fold booklet to the so-called zigzag fold booklet to the adhesive folded booklet. There are hardly any limits here. An opening aid is optionally possible and is recommended by us. For this purpose, we neutralize a small handle tab at the top layer. This makes the booklet much easier to open and more user-friendly.

The upper layer can still be used optically as a decorative label. As soon as the upper layer is opened, the customer can open and unfold the underneath, integrated booklet. The booklet label is a great space saver and can display a lot of text in a small area due to a higher number of pages. We can accommodate up to 22 pages here.

Booklet labels are mainly needed to accommodate the ever-increasing mandatory information requirements. Especially when products are sold internationally, all information can be accommodated here in several languages. Nowadays, small operating instructions are also often glued directly to the product as booklet labels. Additionally, the booklet label is in demand for promotional labels, especially for competitions with an individual winning code.

We manufacture booklet labels and multi-layer labels. Take a look at how these labels are produced by us.
  • Extensive know-how
  • Max. 22 pages booklet
  • Zigzag fold
  • Glue fold
  • Booklet label with braille
  • Printed laminate
  • Individual booklet label construction
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