Labels are indispensable in many industries – from the optimization of procurement, production and logistics processes to the effective presentation of brand identity and information to end customers. The requirements for labels differ significantly depending on the industry and area of application.

We are able to guarantee a wide variety of different requirements for your labels. We have gained decades of experience with labels from various industries. Accordingly, our processes are optimized to the respective quality and process requirements. Our in-house development department allows us to respond flexibly and quickly to your needs and to develop individual solutions according to your requirements.

Industry examples

In all industries, good legibility and an appealing design of the labels are of great importance. A clear font and a clear structure help to find important information quickly and avoid mistakes. But every industry also has special requirements for labels.

Food industry: Labels in the food industry must comply with legal requirements and contain all important information such as ingredients, nutritional values and expiration dates. Additional information such as allergens are also important here.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, labels must meet the highest demands. Not only must they contain all the important information, but they must also be protected against counterfeiting and allow clear identification of the product.

Cosmetics: In addition to information about ingredients, the focus here is on the high-quality presentation of one’s own brand identity through label design. For this purpose, in addition to various special colours, we also offer e.g. metallic effects and special constructions.

Beverage industry: Labels in the beverage industry are often packaged and stored in humid environments. Accordingly, permanent hold of the labels under changing conditions is a problem for which we offer several solutions.

Chemical industry: Similar to pharmaceuticals, labels in the chemical industry are subject to the strictest regulations. We can look back on many years of successful cooperation with chemical companies. Therefore, special requirements such as seawater resistance, tactile symbols and multi-layer labels are an integral part of our product portfolio.

Automotive industry: Our labels can be abrasion-, heat- and chemical-resistant to meet production processes in the automotive industry.

Logistics: Labels in logistics and retail are used for the fast and unambiguous identification of products. Barcode labels in particular are widely used here.

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