Without exception, we only use low migration colours and varnishes that adhere to applicable food packaging legislation (indirect food contact). We will issue you a corresponding declaration of conformity for the labels we have supplied.

On request, we can print every special colour according to your sample or the up-to-date Pantone or HKS colour fans. If you cannot assign a valid colour name to your desired colour, it does not matter. We have colour spectrometers on our printing machines that read your sample. This allows us to determine colours exactly and to replicate them with the smallest possible deviation (Delta-E value). This procedure is particularly important for over-stickers when the label has to fit the folding box exactly.

Since mid-2017, we are utilising the highly professional extended “hexachrome” colour range for digital printing. The extended (hexachrome) colour range makes it possible to feature most special colours even in digital printing.

Since mid-2017, we have been relying on a highly professional solution in digital printing with the expanded “Hexachrom” colour space. This expanded (hexachromic) colour space ensures that most special colours can also be displayed in digital printing. Here, the print image is not printed from the Euro scale, as is often the case, but with two additional basic colours. The other basic colours give the printing machine a significantly larger colour space.

But even with conventional printing processes, there are no limits to your design. With us you can print with up to 10 colours in offset printing and up to 9 colours in flexographic printing. In addition to all the inking units for special colours, our printing machines have various additional finishing options for your labels.

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Labels with up to 10 colours
  • Extended colour space
  • Custom colours
  • Metallic colours
Special requests, small batch series or want an offer?
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