Digital Printing Labels

We produce adhesive roll labels by using professional digital printing methods.

Digital printing is ideal for labels with smaller print runs or for high varieties. Compared to conventional printing methods, e.g. offset printing or flexographic printing, initial costs for printing plate manufacturing and setting up special colours can be saved. Since mid-2017, we are utilising the highly professional extended “hexachrome” colour range for digital printing. The extended (hexachrome) colour range makes it possible to feature most special colours even in digital printing.

All our printing methods (offset printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing and screen printing) comply with indirect food contact requirements. For this reason, we have waited to introduce digital printing until manufacturers could ensure us that these requirements can be met by digital printing as well.

Should you require your labels on short notice, we are able to accomplish this by using digital printing methods. As long as a suitable stamp is available, in many cases we are able to produce your labels within 24 hours on workdays.

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