Labels in Digital Printing

Digitally printed labels are not always comparable and can differ greatly in quality. You should therefore rely on the right partner for your labels. There are big differences in the printing process here. Froben Druck has set the highest quality standards for labels and only produces high-quality labels using digital printing. The difference to offset printing is hardly noticeable with us.

Digital printing is ideal for labels in shorter runs or for many different types. Compared to conventional printing processes, such as offset printing or flexographic printing, there are no initial costs for printing plates.

All our printing methods (offset printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing and screen printing) comply with indirect food contact requirements. For this reason, we have waited to introduce digital printing until manufacturers could ensure us that these requirements can be met by digital printing as well.

Right from the start, we have relied on a highly professional solution for labels in digital printing with the extended “Hexachrom” colour space. Thanks to the extended (hexachromic) colour space, most special colours can also be displayed on digitally printed labels. In contrast to conventional digital printing systems, 6 basic colours are used to represent the colour space. The possible colour space is therefore wider than with the standard 4-colour (euro scale) structure that is often used on the market.

We are your partner when it comes to high-quality digital print labels. We are also certainly very interesting for you in terms of price.

We can easily implement custom digital print labels ourselves!

  • with opaque white, e.g. with transparent film
  • with special colors (extended color space)
  • with silver
  • with gold
  • with braille
  • multi-layered

If you need labels in a hurry, we can realise your order at very short notice using digital printing. If a suitable punch is available, we can in many cases guarantee label production in under 24 hours on weekdays!

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