Labels with Embossing – Cold Foil Stamping / Hot Foil Stamping

We manufacture your label with hot foil stamping or alternatively with cold foil stamping. Which embossing technology is the right one for your label depends on the layout and the print run. We can implement and offer label refinement with hot foil or cold foil both for digitally printed labels and for large print runs in offset printing.

With an adhesive roll label with hot foil or cold foil stamping, you increase the visual quality of your product. Labels refined in this way attract the viewer’s attention and help your product to stand out positively from similar goods.

Hot stamping foils are available from various metallic hues through to silver or gold foils and as holo foils with a wide variety of holograms. Heating foil stamping is the right choice for particularly high quality requirements and for special natural papers. Fine lines and contours are displayed particularly sharply.

Cold foil stamping is particularly suitable for flat stamping and long runs. The same selection of colours and materials is available as with hot stamping foils.

The difference between the embossing techniques is the application of the foil. With cold foil stamping, an adhesive is printed on the label surface and the metallic foil sticks to the places. All you need is a simple cliché for applying the adhesive. However, due to the flow properties, the adhesive cannot be represented as finely as it is possible with labels with hot stamping. With hot foil stamping, on the other hand, you need an expensive stamping tool, which burns the stamping foil onto the label with high heat and pressure. The adhesive is already contained in the embossing foil, so it can be used to display much more detailed shapes.

Send us your layout and we will advise you on the best finish for your label.

  • Hot foil stamping for small and large print-runs
  • Cold foil stamping for small and large print-runs
  • Metallic foils in gold and silver
  • Special holo foils
  • Luminous colour embossing
Special requests, small batch series or want an offer?
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