Automotive industry labels

Automotive industry labels are required at many points in the production process. Here is an insight into a production line of a factory.

If you are looking for specialized labeling solutions for the automotive industry, you have come to the right place. Our extensive expertise and commitment to quality enable us to offer automotive industry labels that meet the high standards and requirements of the sector.

Labels for the automotive industry are sometimes subject to difficult requirements. Froben Druck has already developed tried and tested solutions for many applications. We are also at your side with new projects, from tire labels to special markings in the engine compartment.

Why are automotive industry labels important?

In the automotive industry, labels are far more than just visual elements. They perform a crucial function in terms of identification, security and traceability. Labels are used for marking parts, components, packaging and much more. They have to withstand extreme conditions such as heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion. Humidity and temperature fluctuations also often have to be overcome by the label in the automotive industry.

We support you in finding the right solution for your application. Our wide range of labels includes highly specialized options to meet the needs of this industry. We offer label materials that are temperature, chemical and abrasion resistant to ensure your labels maintain their functionality and legibility throughout their lifetime. With us as your partner, you can concentrate on your core business and we will solve your labeling problems.

Customized solutions for your needs

We understand that the requirements in the automotive industry are diverse. That’s why we offer tailor-made label solutions that are customised exactly to your needs. From QR codes for traceability to security labels to protect against counterfeiting – we develop labels that optimize your processes and at the same time meet the highest quality standards.

We produce our automotive industry labels to the highest quality standards, meeting the industry’s strict requirements for durability, legibility and reliability.

Our dedicated team of experts are available to advise you on selecting the best labels for your specific applications. We understand the complexity of the industry and help you to find the right labeling solutions according to your requirement profile.

Overall, our specialized automotive industry labels offer the perfect solution for a variety of identification and traceability needs in the automotive industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you streamline your processes.

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