Inkjet Labels

We produce labels for Inkjet printers.

Regardless if your system is based on water-based ink, solvent-based ink or UV-cured ink, we will have the right materials.

For water-based Inkjet printer systems it is particularly important to use sufficiently absorbent surface materials that enclose the colour instantly.

Depending on the Inkjet printer model, we can produce stamped and refined labels customised to your needs. Some customers prefer labels with a margin to absorb excess colour, which is feasible. However, this procedure is only suitable if the printed labels are applied by hand. For automatic dispensing, the labels need to be completely refined up front.

Do you need special variants for your Inkjet printer? No problem!

We can manufacture Inkjet labels with a black stamp on the backside so that your printer can identify even complicated special shapes and print them exactly.

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