Inkjet Labels

Example of inkjet labels on roll

Inkjet labels are a practical solution for industries that need a fast and cost-effective way to label products. Compared to other label processes, such as thermal transfer printing, they offer more flexibility and better print quality.

Inkjet labels are printed with inkjet printers that work with water-based or pigmented inks (solvents). They are available in different sizes and shapes and can be applied to different surfaces such as plastic, paper or metal.

Whether you use an inkjet system on water-based, solvent-based or UV-curing ink, we have the right material in stock. With a water-based inkjet printer system, it is particularly important to use a sufficiently absorbent upper material, which immediately absorbs the applied ink. We can also produce the inkjet labels with a black control stamp on the back of the carrier, so that your printer easily recognizes even complicated special shapes and prints them precisely.

Areas of application for inkjet labels

One of the main advantages of inkjet labels is their high resolution, which allows fine text, graphics and barcodes. This makes them ideal for labeling products in industries with strict quality and high information requirements. The food industry, for example, uses these labels to place ingredients, allergens and expiration dates in a small space. The pharmaceutical industry labels drug bottles and containers and the logistics industry labels products and packages with inkjet labels.

Another advantage is that they are easy to design and print. With the right software, labels can be adjusted and printed quickly and easily. This allows companies to change their product labels quickly and cost-effectively without having to stock a large amount of labels. Overall, inkjet labels are an important part of modern industry, providing an efficient way to label and track products and packaging.

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