Printed labels will make your product stand out is the right place to start if you are interested in professionally printed labels. We can draw from over 40 years of experience in the sector and offer a wide range of different finishing options. Firstly, labels printed with colours or varnish are part of our repertoire. Therefore, we place great importance in using on low migration products. Even if your labels are not only printed in colour but also laminated or hot foil embossed, we are the perfect partner. Lamination protects your labels from staining, soiling and abrasion and also makes them water resistant. Hot foil embossing gives your labels an exceptional finish, available in various metallic colour tones up to silver and gold foils. Even various holograms are possible using holo foils.

No matter what design you require, printed labels will attract attention to your products. Naturally, printed labels are also suitable for many other areas of application, e.g. marking pharmaceutical products. Contact us with your inquiries and we will gladly be at your disposal with advice.

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