Thermal Transfer Foil

We offer a variety of different thermal transfer foils, from plain black to multi-coloured and gold foils, for a wide range of applications. The thermal transfer foils will be individually produced for you at a consistent high level of quality according to your requirements and printer specifications.

We permanently keep a range of high-quality standard thermal transfer foils in various widths in stock that are suitable for almost all printing surfaces and available for short-notice delivery dates.

Benefit from attractive end-to-end solutions and have your labels delivered with suitable thermal transfer foil. All labels that are intended for printing will be tested on our in-house thermal transfer printer for quality assurance purposes. That way you can be certain that your labels and thermal transfer foil will optimally complement each other.

Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Foil

Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer foil is considered a universal foil that allows for printing on various different surfaces. It combines decent scratching and moisture resistance.

Wax Thermal Transfer Foil

Wax foil presents the standard choice for simple print products that are not intended for a long service life. It is often used in the field of logistics and barcode labels. Scratching and moisture resistance is limited.

Resin Thermal Transfer Foil

The application range for resin foils are thermal transfer printed labels that potentially have to endure contact with chemicals. This thermal transfer foil enables to print on extremely difficult surfaces that can even contain a certain percentage of silicone. Scratching and moisture resistance are optimal, so the label can withstand extreme conditions.

Thermal Transfer Foil Bestsellers

Thermal Transfer Foil WF 3000

The thermal transfer foil WF 3000 is a simple wax foil with outstanding printing quality on writing materials or slightly machine coated surface.

Thermal Transfer Foil WHF 11000

The thermal transfer foil WHF 11000 is a universally applicable wax/resin foil and functions well with all common machine coated surfaces or on foils.

Thermal Transfer Foil WHF 6000

The thermal transfer foil WHF 6000 is a modified variant of the WHF 11000. The slightly adjusted mixing ratio of wax and resin parts was optimised for PP foils. It is particularly suitable for large print runs, e.g. printed sealing labels.

Thermal Transfer Foil HS 9000

The thermal transfer foil HS 9000 is a pure resin foil for special purposes. We recommend to use this foil for multi-layered labels, since the colour coating adheres to slightly siliconized surfaces.

Delivery Service

If your thermal transfer foil demand is comparatively high, we offer the service to pre-produce your semi-annual or annual demands for future collection.

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