Labels with Foil Lamination

There is increasing demand for labels with foil lamination. Synonym terms for this finishing technique are film lamination or simply lamination.

Technically, an additional film is applied over the entire surface of the printed label surface and glued. This is basically possible with all foil and paper labels. The label can be optically concealed with a high-gloss, silk-matt or matt finish. The specially applied foil lamination is of higher quality than the alternatively available varnishes for labels.

With the so-called “soft touch” foil lamination, a very soft grip experience can also be applied for the consumer. Graphic designers and marketing agencies in particular like to experiment with this haptic experience. The costs compared to a varnish are only slightly higher.

A major advantage of foil lamination compared to a standard UV varnish, however, is the increased protection of the labels. The approx. 12µm thick laminating film lies over the printing ink and therefore protects against external influences such as abrasion.

The end products with the label are often packed in a folding box. Depending on the type of box, standard labels can cause very unsightly colour abrasion. This known problem can be ruled out with foil-laminated labels. There is also increased protection against liquids and other environmental conditions.

Advantages of foil lamination:

  • Visual effects
  • Increased moisture resistance
  • Improved tear resistance
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Protection against liquids such as oil

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