Sustainable label materials

We offer you sustainable labels. In addition to the technical possibilities in production, we also rely on a high level of sustainability of your labels for the raw materials that we process. The entire standard range of adhesive paper is now FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Alternatively, PEFC-certified material is also used. The most ecological adhesive paper is currently made from grass paper. We have of course also included this in our range.

The demand for recycled label material is growing all the time. Many companies also want to convey their sustainability to the outside world and therefore rely on sustainable solutions for packaging. Unfortunately, these materials cannot currently be used without hesitation for every application.

Recycled paper labels

Labels made from recycled paper are particularly environmentally friendly. The paper is made from 100% waste paper and bleached without chlorine. This material can be printed on like conventional adhesive paper. All of our common printing processes such as offset printing, flexographic printing and digital printing are available to you. Let us advise you, as you too can possibly use this alternative to ecological adhesive paper in your application.

Labels made from recycled film

Labels made from recycled film are an alternative to the standard PP film labels (polypropylene) and PE film labels (polyethylene). In many applications it is not possible to use paper labels. For those who still want to use sustainable labels, recycled PE film is ideal. This is made from 100% recycled polyethylene. Recycled PE film can be printed using all common printing processes. However, it is rougher and has small inclusions in the upper layer, which are also visible in the printed image. It is therefore essential to consider material structure for the visual appearance of your product.

We support you in your sustainability. We would be happy to come to you and take a look at your current materials and advise you on how you can use environmentally friendly alternatives. The topic of standard packaging should not be neglected either. The aim today is to manufacture the entire packaging from one material, so that it can later be recycled more easily.

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