Sealing labels from the roll

Sealing labels (also called closure labels) from the roll are available in many different versions. Depending on the type of packaging to be sealed, the size, shape and adhesive strength must be individually adapted to the requirements of the sealing label, so that unintentional opening is prevented.

You can get every conceivable construction from us, from simple, transparent sealing labels to multi-coloured sealing labels with neutralized tabs. A perforation in the sealing label for easy tearing is also no problem for us.

Sealing labels from Froben Druck are available in a wide variety of constructions, adhesive strengths and 9 colours.

Simple glue dots are often used to close cardboard boxes and simple packaging made of paper. Sealing labels with neutralized tabs are very often found on bags, e.g. with biscuits, coffee or other foods. Here, the prepared adhesive strip can simply be peeled off and the packaging can be closed again with it after opening. That way, the sealing label can be used multiple times for re-closing. When you make your next purchase, pay attention to how many products have a sealing label attached.

Another application area are the large resealable labels that are applied over the entire opening of the product. Here, an opening is prefabricated in the packaging by a laser. This is then sealed by the resealable label. The first peeling then loosens the prepared opening and you can easily get to the product. It can then be closed again and again using the large sealing label and the contents remains protected.

This type of resealable label is used a lot for wet wipes, cleaning cloths, cookies and crispbread. Especially with dusty products, it is difficult to have a sealing label that can be closed again after opening. For this application we have a special adhesive that solves this difficult requirement.

We will happily design the right solution for you, just get in touch with us.

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