Removable Labels

Removable labels differ from conventional labels only in the adhesive. They can be printed in all printing processes such as offset printing, digital printing and flexographic printing. All known finishes, such as hot stamping, are also available.

We always have the right adhesive for your removable labels. The standard removable adhesive is acrylate-based. It can be peeled off many surfaces for a long time without leaving any residue on the label. However, direct sunlight should be avoided as sunlight accelerates aging and changes the removable properties. For more specific applications we also have removable labels with rubber adhesive.

Depending on the material your removable labels should be made of, we offer you a coordinated adhesive on the surface to be glued. We differentiate between permanently removable labels and labels with a low initial adhesion so that the labels can only be removed at the beginning for possible repositioning (repositioning).

Technically, however, removable labels will stick permanently after a long period of time or leave unwanted residue behind. Depending on the intended use and duration, we will advise you on choosing the right adhesive for your removable labels and applications.

Another large area is water-removable labels and alkali-soluble labels. These are also called WLA labels. In order to be able to remove the label, the label must be soaked in soapy water. The adhesive is attacked and the label can be removed from the product. WLA labels are also an alternative to foil labels when it comes to waste separation, as these can easily be removed from the foil packaging during the recycling process. In cooperation with large manufacturers of self-adhesive materials, we have created a solution for WLA labels in refrigerated shelves. This solution is already used by some discounters for many products.

Semi-permanent adhesives are often used for sealing labels on dusty products. These seal the product, but do not immediately pick up the dust on the adhesive surface. So that the release property of the labels means that the closure can be opened and closed frequently.

Feel free to contact us and we will find the perfect removable label for you.

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