Foil Labels

We manufacture foil labels for every area of ​​application. We can print your labels in any printing process from flexographic printing to digital printing.

Labels made of foil are moisture-repellent and more durable than conventional labels made of paper. PP film labels (polypropylene) and PE film labels (polyethylene) are most frequently used. PE film is softer than PP film and is 85 µm thick. Due to its ability to adapt, it is often used for squeeze bottles such as shampoo in wet areas of application.

The PP film is somewhat stiffer and tear-resistant. As a standard, PP film is 60 µm thick. It is easier to process and apply than PE film. PP labels are widely used in plastic packaging to simplify waste separation so that no further paper contamination takes place. Foil labels made of PP are also widely used for pharmaceuticals and other solid containers. In the food industry in particular, PP film is indispensable.

For special labels in the chemical industry, labels are made from PVC film, but these are not suitable for standard applications.

Due to our large quantities of PE and PP labels, we have a generous material warehouse and can therefore score points with short delivery times and very economical offers for you.

In addition to standard labels, we also manufacture special foil labels, such as:

  • 40 µm foil labels for a small radius like pens
  • Extra thin foils with different adhesives
  • Multi-layer labels of 2 to 4 layers
  • Closure labels

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