Verschlussetiketten gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Varianten auf Rolle und Bogen. Bei uns erhalten Sie jede erdenkliche Konstruktion. Buchstabensalat Froben Druck Farb-Proof für Rollenhaftetiketten

Sealing Labels

Sealing labels are available in many different variants on rolls and sheets.

Depending on the type of sealable packaging, label size and adhesive strength are individually tailored to your requirements to prevent any unwanted coming apart of the packaging.

We offer every conceivable design from simple transparent sealing labels to multi-coloured printed sealing labels with neutralised integrated finger lift.

According to your requirements, we can design them as resealable labels to enable multiple openings and closings of the packaging.

If the label is meant to act as a tamper-proof seal, we can design your resealable label so that it cannot be removed without inflicting damage to the packaging.

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