Mehrlagige-Etiketten (so genannte Multilayer-Etiketten) produzieren wir individuell nach Ihren Bedürfnissen. Buchstabensalat Froben Druck Farb-Proof für Rollenhaftetiketten

Multilayer Labels (Peel Off)

We combine the knowledge, technology and experience to produce multi-layered labels (so-called Multilayer or Peel-Off labels). Multilayer labels combine two or more labels on top of each other that can be printed on both sides. An integrated finger lift allows the user to easily open and reseal the label again.

This technique is especially interesting when a lot of information needs to be placed on small available areas. Using either paper or foil, we will gladly create customised designs for you according to your requirements.

A practical application for vouchers and price draws is to design the top layer in a way that it does not stick anymore after being pulled off for the first time.

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