Beutelfahnen (Clip-Etiketten) sind eine optisch interessante Alternative zu normalen Schmuck-Etiketten Buchstabensalat Froben Druck Farb-Proof für Rollenhaftetiketten

Bag Fins / Clip Labels

Due to one of our special production lines, we are able to supply you with embossed tags made from cardboard on rolls that can be attached to bags using clips (clip labels). These so-called bag fins and their unique appearance present an interesting opportunity to have your product stand out from regular decorative labels.

Bag fins can be printed on both sides using offset or alternatively flexographic printing. They allow for same finishing opportunities as regular adhesive roll labels (e.g. hot foil embossing, gloss varnish, matt varnish, etc.).

Beutelfahnen / Clip-Etiketten
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